Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DIY American Apparel Bows

Hello molly here, 

Today i am going to be doing something new.This is a DIY 
and i will do step by step instructions. 
So normally the American Apparel bows are about $14.00 dollars depending where you buy them from. I don't know about you but i do not have the money to be spending it on small things like that. 
So i thought why don't i have a go at making my own, and sure enough with the right technique i have done it. So i am going to stop blabbering on and get on with the DIY:

What you will need: 
Some fabric (about 15cm depending on how big you want your bow)
Some fabric scissors

How to do it :

Take your piece of fabric


Fold it in half

Pinch it in the middle 

Then take a scrap piece of fabric

 Tie it around it at the back with a double knot

And then there you have your bow

You can change the colours up :3
 In these picture i have created an animal print bow and put it with a normal side braid. 
It is simple but looks so cute :3


Have fun making these cute and easy bows :)
Chat to you soon
Molly <3

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Simple-kind to skin

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