Sunday, 22 December 2013

Bubblegum lip scrub

Hello its Molly here,

Type: Lush lip scrub in BUBBLEGUM 25g.

I am going to tell you about this product, it is one of my most favorite products ever. We should all be keeping our lips lovely and healthy so this is a perfect excuse to slap on the scrub. What i love about this product is that it is edible and  it tastes so good. 
What i love about Lush is that it is home made and you know that it has been made fair trade. This product is also good for vegans, so for all you vegans out there this product is a thumbs up. This is one of my winter must haves, because i don't know about you but i get flaky lips sometimes. It will just tend to happen when i don't need it. So i strongly advise carrying this in your school bag or whatever day bag you may use. Even if you don't get flaky lips this is very good for exfoliating your lips. When you exfoliate a rush of blood with come to your lips turning them a healthy pink.

Review: As you can probably tell i LOVE it so i would defiantly buy this product.

How to use: Lightly dab your finger into the pot and then rub over lips. Then lick it of <3

I hope this has helped you and this product comes in at around £5.50

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Chat to you soon, 
molly <3

Pro Formula Radiance Day Cream

Hello molly here
Type: Day Cream 50ml

Today i am going to be reviewing this day cream from Pro Formula. This product is quite cheap as it comes in at around £3.00. I really like this product so far and think it is a lovely consistency! Personally i like quite thick consistency creams so when i got this i loved it. It doesn't feel cakey on your skin and absorbs into your skin in an instance. It leaves you with a radiant glow and is a perfect base for any makeup. It is good for the winter because the weather can be very harsh on your skin so this helps moisturize your skin but also has SPF 15. It can be used as a summer and winter cream. 

Review: I really like this cream and the packaging is very nice but i would like to see a slightly bigger tub of this come out. I know what they say "Quality not Quantity!" And i think this fits perfectly for this product it is a small ish tub but it will do :)
What i also love about this product is that is animal tested free and the tub is recyclable!

How to use: 
Warm needed amount of product with you fingertips or apply to the back of you hand to warm the cream up. Work onto face in circular motions, let your face dry before applying any other makeup. Now you are done!

I hope this is helpful and like i said this is £3.00 depending on where you get it from.
Chat to you soon
Molly <3  

Why i have been away for so long

Hello molly here, 

Sorry i have not been able to post anything for a LONG while now because i have been so busy with school work and just busy in general. I will hopefully be posting more frequently now :)

Chat to you soon
Molly <3

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DIY American Apparel Bows

Hello molly here, 

Today i am going to be doing something new.This is a DIY 
and i will do step by step instructions. 
So normally the American Apparel bows are about $14.00 dollars depending where you buy them from. I don't know about you but i do not have the money to be spending it on small things like that. 
So i thought why don't i have a go at making my own, and sure enough with the right technique i have done it. So i am going to stop blabbering on and get on with the DIY:

What you will need: 
Some fabric (about 15cm depending on how big you want your bow)
Some fabric scissors

How to do it :

Take your piece of fabric


Fold it in half

Pinch it in the middle 

Then take a scrap piece of fabric

 Tie it around it at the back with a double knot

And then there you have your bow

You can change the colours up :3
 In these picture i have created an animal print bow and put it with a normal side braid. 
It is simple but looks so cute :3


Have fun making these cute and easy bows :)
Chat to you soon
Molly <3

Sunday, 25 August 2013

"How to become beautiful"

Hello molly here,

This blog post is going to be a little different to some of my other posts.
I see a lot of bloggers saying "how to be more beautiful" or " become beautiful", but personally i don't think you can "become" beautiful. EVERYONE is beautiful in a different way but you can enhance that beauty.
I believe that everyone is naturally beautiful but you can always enhance or improve on that with makeup or even the colours in your outfit.
To help enhance your beauty you really need to know what suits you. So just take a day and try on lots of outfits, see which colours suit you and which ones don't. Spend a day messing around with makeup or follow a tutorial on YouTube (take inspiration but don't try to be like someone else) you have to work with what you have been given because lets face it, that's what you've got
There are so many different ways to help define certain features on you face, you just need to learn how to.
I hope this has helped everyone
Chat to you soon,
Molly <3

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

N07, soft and soothed gentle toner

Hello molly here,

Type: N07 soft and soothed. Cleanser and toner in one, with a pump

I am going to tell  you about this product, it is good but not like "wow super duper bum cheese amazing!" It does it's job it removes and obviously cleanses your face. I have been using this for quite a while now, and i have not run out which is pretty good. This is one of those products that goes a long way. It is pink-so you know me- anything pink i must have ;)It will take of my makeup which is just minimal. But if i was wearing a bit more dressed up look, i would use another cleanser to take my makeup off.Even though it "claims" to be a toner i dint see the toner side of the product. So personally use a toner with it :)

Review: Well i like it but not love it. I would deffo buy it again, but i might be cheeky and go on Ebay and buy one for cheaper on there /:) (EVEN THOUGH I DON'T ADVICE EBAY AS YOU DON'T DEFFO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING) 

How to use: Personally i would use 3 pumps of it, and then wipe of any makeup with it :)

I hope you enjoyed this, this product came in at around £8.00. 
Chat to you, 
molly <3

Saturday, 1 June 2013

N07- intense volume mascara

Hello molly here,

Type: Mascara in black with a small ish wand. 

I am going to tell you about this product, i would say it is good but it is not brilliant. I have been using this for almost over a month now and it works and gives you a voluminousness lash, but it doesn't last for very long. even thought it has been only a month it has started to run out. This is a shame because it was slightly pricey for the small packaging. Being me i only like to wear a bit of makeup for the natural  look! so when i apply this it is good for the days that you want  a chilled out toned down look  but when it comes to a day event or something slightly more dressy then you wouldn't wear this.(personally) 

Review: Well like many times you can probably get my verdict on this blog and you will know that i am not a big fan of this product! This could be good for a teen girl but just not for a night out or a special occasion when you want something a bit more dramatic (you would want some thing like the falsies mascara )

How to use: get the wand from the tube, then push it up and down inside to cover the wand in the actual mascara! Then apply to your lashes in a upwards motion, then you know blink if you want, or just close and do it? (for best results curl before) 

I hope this has helped you and this product came in at around £9.00, but it depends where you get it.
Chat to you soon,
molly <3

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Makeup academy- Pro-base- concealer & brightener kit

Hello molly here,

Type: Brightener and concealer in 1 ! In 3 sections. Beige/golden

I am going to tell you about this product that i have been using nearly every day for about a month. This product is brilliant for bithmarks, scars and concealing ANY imperfections.As a teen you want coverage over your imperfections, but you dont want too muchthat it looks to matte and cakey! This product comes with a highlighting cream, and two shades of concealer.(this helps because your face isn't always the same colour all over.) 

Well i have explained most of my review on it in the first section of this blog. But yes i would definitely recommend this to the average teen girl :)

How to use: 
With any finger just get the desired amount out of which section you have chosen and apply to your desired place on your face and then build up or just leave for the amount of coverage you want.

I hope this has helped you and this product come in at around £3.50 depending where you buy it from.
Chat to you soon,
molly <3

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance

Hello Molly here,

Type: Leave in conditioner/ hair de- tangeler/protection for hair! 250ml!!!

I am going to tell you about this product.
I swear if this product didn't exist i don't know what i would do ?!?!?
This product is by AUSSIE and it is called Miracle Hair Insurance.
It say it will condition you hair and  it will get rid of pretty most of your tangles.
And no word of a lie it does swear to its word because i found that this worked SO well.


Well i absolutely L-O-V-E this product i get through so many bottles and i recommend for everyone to buy this. Its a spray bottle and it is very practical for the average teen girl to fit in maybe a handbag or a big makeup bag! And OMG this product smells like fruit and happiness and smiles in a bottle:)

 (As you can tell i love this product a bit too much )
But anyways, it does what it says it will do on the bottle and that is: It will protect, de-tangle, and condition your hair.

How to use:
I normally apply this to towel dry hair (so kinda wet). Then i spray it evenly across my hair.The i will comb my hair through WELL. (don't wash out !)
I the let it air dry and my hair will feel smooth, silky and it will smell real good :)

I hope this helps you and it comes in at about £5-£8 depending where you get if from.
Chat to you soon,
Molly <3

Rimmel wake me up - foundation

Hello Molly here,I am going to tell you about this product which is the .... Rimmel wake me up foundation! Type: liquid foundation. colour: 201 classic beige. 30ml :/ (sizing not so good)
The beauty world has been raving about this product for a long while now so i thought i MUST get it, so i did (duh)I bought it about a month ago and i haven't used it that much(not because i don't like it.) like this product i cant say that it is my all time favorite foundation but it is very goes on very smoothly and evenly it gives a dewy effect. It has some like sparkles in it, that's why i think it gives you skin a really glowy effect.It smells like fruity loveliness. It is in a pump bottle and it is glass so it look very high end it is fairly practical for the average teen girl,it also fits in a reasonably good size makeup bag aswell.In retrospect i would of like to have bought it in a lighter shade so i only really use this one when i wan to do a heavy and un-natural makeup look, or i use it when i am inside for like a dinner out:) to use:I normally just apply one pump of this onto the back of my hand, i will then let it warm up so it can go onto my skin alot more easier. I will then apply it all over my face (not forgetting to do it around my jaw line!)Once i have applied it all i will go over with a  brush or a makeup sponge and even it out and take off all the excess foundation.
I hope this helps you and it comes in at about £6-£8 depending on where you buy it.
Chat to you soon,

Molly <3

Garnier skin naturals- Pure Active- Gel wash Molly here,
I am going to tell you about this a-m-a-z-i-n-g product!

Type: Gel wash and cleanser at the same time !!! Review :
It's 200ml and is made by Garnier in their skin naturals brand.
On the packaging it claims to "unclog your pores", and by gawd does it do that!
It also claims that you will see results on the first day, and guess what... I DID !

It's really good for all skin types and it has a lovely smell to it (like mint) packaging is practical, and has a pump , when you rotate the pump it locks and unlocks it! (because we all know that there is nothing more annoying than when you have spent money on a new product and it leaks everywhere) so this ensures that this is guaranteed not to happen !

The colour is a kind of bluey-transparent colour!It is a nice light consitancy, and when you apply to your face it froths and turns white and then sinks into your skin.

How to use :
I do one pump onto a cotton pad, and sometimes i wet the pad slightly so it goes onto the skin slightly more smoother. i then put it on my face a then with the tips of my fingers i massage it into my t-zone and my most spotty areas. I let it turn white and then i let it sink into my skin, then i will get some warm water and wash it off and
pat my face dry with a towel.
I then moisturise my skin and i am done :)

I hope this helps you and it comes in at about £5.70, which is not a bad price for this size and brand!

Chat to you soon,
Molly <3

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hi ,
My name is Molly :)
I am 13 years old, and obviously this is my first blog. I hope to do more of these blogs.
you are probably thinking what is it about?
Well i will do reviews on beauty products, eg:
Makeup, skin products,and  hair products.
i am always open for messages, and questions!
I hope you enjoy reading this and i will try to post  a review each week on a product depending on what you want or  if anyone likes this.
Chat to you soon
Love molly <3

Garnier- skin naturals

Garnier- skin naturals

Simple-kind to skin

Simple-kind to skin

E45- moisturising lotion

E45- moisturising  lotion