Saturday, 1 June 2013

N07- intense volume mascara

Hello molly here,

Type: Mascara in black with a small ish wand. 

I am going to tell you about this product, i would say it is good but it is not brilliant. I have been using this for almost over a month now and it works and gives you a voluminousness lash, but it doesn't last for very long. even thought it has been only a month it has started to run out. This is a shame because it was slightly pricey for the small packaging. Being me i only like to wear a bit of makeup for the natural  look! so when i apply this it is good for the days that you want  a chilled out toned down look  but when it comes to a day event or something slightly more dressy then you wouldn't wear this.(personally) 

Review: Well like many times you can probably get my verdict on this blog and you will know that i am not a big fan of this product! This could be good for a teen girl but just not for a night out or a special occasion when you want something a bit more dramatic (you would want some thing like the falsies mascara )

How to use: get the wand from the tube, then push it up and down inside to cover the wand in the actual mascara! Then apply to your lashes in a upwards motion, then you know blink if you want, or just close and do it? (for best results curl before) 

I hope this has helped you and this product came in at around £9.00, but it depends where you get it.
Chat to you soon,
molly <3

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